Have you checked your BLOBs lately?

Metalogix has launched a free tool that analyses how many binary large objects (BLOBs) are weighing down your SharePoint database, known as the BLOBulator.

It lets an administrator find out how much space is being taken up by BLOBs and determine if externalising BLOBs will improve performance, reduce storage costs and speed up backups.
The average amount of content stored and accessed through SharePoint is growing by 75 percent annually with more than half of organizations reporting farms that exceed 1 terabyte in size.

This staggering growth has been stimulated by BLOBs, which are the content files like Microsoft Office documents, PDF files, audio and video files that conspire to slow down the performance of SharePoint.

As more BLOBs are added to your SharePoint content database, business users experience performance bottlenecks such as slow upload/download times.

“The broadening user adoption and mission-critical nature of the content deployed under SharePoint is driving unpredictable, explosive content database growth in SharePoint implementations,” said Steven Murphy, CEO, Metalogix.

“When we poll our 7,500 customers, our SharePoint administrators, database administrators and storage architects rank managing this growth as one of their top management challenges. We are providing our BLOBulator tool for free to give IT professionals an easy way to survey their content databases and uncover the best practices to reduce the cost of SharePoint storage and manage the risks related to this mission-critical growth.”


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