EzeScan shapes up for forms processing

Australia's Outback Imaging has enhanced its flaship flagship document scanning software with new capability for intelligent forms processing.

A new improved version of the EzeScan forms processing solution includes Shape Recognition for forms registration marks and using barcodes as form registration marks.

In addition to the existing OCR recognition for registration marks functionality, this makes it much easier for us to process forms that have been shrunk or stretched during the printing/faxing/scanning process.

Shape recognition allows us to use shapes like squares, angle brackets, plus signs in the corner of forms as registration marks. These are common features on commercially produced forms.

EzeScan PRO customers with existing Support & Maintenance contracts for the KFI module are eligible for a free upgrade to KFI with shape recognition included.

Also, the EzeScan team in Australia now numbers 13 people with the arrival of Demos Gougoulas and Ming Yap. Demos has extensive experience with Document Imaging coming from his Xerox MFD and DM background while Ming comes to the support team after worked for a large scanner vendor for several years) and also with Autonomy (Interwoven) for the last 3 years.