Network Storage

I frequently hear chatter about using tape technology online, at conferences, and even in meetings that can be summed up in one statement, “Tape is dead.  It is old technology and the Cloud, or an appliance, can do it all.” 

Sony Optical Archive Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony, has launched the Everspan Library System (Everspan), a scalable optical library system solution with a 100-year warranty on the media.

Cloud and hybrid ECM took off in 2015, as enterprise and government organisations looked to become more agile and mobile.

Australian based law firm, M+K Lawyers, has adopted the Commvault Data Platform and Pure Storage FlashArray to drive savings, speed and security through holistic management of their information assets

Scientists at the University of Southampton UK have made a major step forward in the development of digital data storage that is capable of surviving for billions of years.

Fujifilm has announced its release of its first LTO7 cartridges, supporting the new high speed, high capacity refresh of the venerable tape archiving format.

For many years, one of the most common backup practices for businesses has been the use of tape archives. As a tried and tested storage solution, it’s still a familiar sight in many firms, even if it looks a little outdated when compared with more modern alternatives such as cloud backups.

Do you know where your backups are? If not you have company. A global survey of 720 IT administrators by data recovery expert Kroll Ontrack found 30 percent of respondents do not have clear insight into what specific information is stored within their tape archives.

Dell’s 10 year program to build an end-to-end enterprise software suite reached its culmination this week with the stunning $US67 billion takeover of EMC, rounding out the company’s portfolio with a compressive set of solutions for unstructured data management.

A move to the Amazon cloud for data backups is paying dividends for PFD Food Services, Australia’s largest privately owned fresh and frozen food distributor with $A1.5 billion turnover, 2,200 staff and over 65 sites across Australia.