Diligen smartens up NetDocuments Contract Review

Diligen, developer of an artificial intelligence (AI)-based contract assistant, has announced new native integration with NetDocuments, the cloud-based content services platform for law firms, corporate legal teams and compliance departments.

The integration allows users to simply and securely summarize and analyse legal documents using Diligen’s AI and Machine Learning tools.

Diligen eliminates the tedious manual work tied to contract analysis by helping lawyers identify critical provisions and sort and summarise contracts automatically. This new integration means documents can be analysed without ever leaving the secure NetDocuments ecosystem. This allows CIOs to balance their need for security while giving lawyers tools for faster, higher quality contract review.

“Diligen has impressive performance and scalability, and its intuitive user experience makes it easy for CIOs to support the needs of their lawyers,” said Josh Baxter, CEO at NetDocuments.

“We’re ready to introduce Diligen to our customers in the NetDocuments AI Marketplace and are confident that they will be able to see immediate value.”

NetDocuments’ AI Marketplace is open to software and technology providers to deliver embedded machine learning functionality for an improved understanding of matter, contract, and transactional content across NetDocuments’ global customer community.

For more information visit: diligen.com/netdocuments