a.k.a. updates taxonomy toolkit

Synercon has launched a version 3.6.2 release of its a.k.a. information governance software focused on providing more tools to make collaboration easier and optimising performance for a range of daily tasks.

With the drive towards digital transformation and auto-classification, a.k.a. is being used to manage much larger meta datasets.

“Within each organisation, we're finding more people engaged in the task of metadata and taxonomy development, importing, editing and deploying into SharePoint and multiple other information systems, the company notes.

In response to this, a.k.a 3.6.2 includes a redesigned Interactive Report Wizard. There’s a new feature for saving Themes (fonts, colours and home page text) for future use. The ability to load and save Interactive Reports as zip files has also been added. 

Still more wizards have been added - for creating Inbuilt Reports, for creating Audit Reports, and for importing and exporting to SharePoint.

In the last release, a range of Cloud Storage Options (Drop Box, SharePoint and OneDrive Personal) were added for easier importing and exporting to and from the cloud. These functions have now been extended across all import and export actions, including Interactive Reporting.

To enhance collaboration, Work Trays have been added to provide a place where users can add shortcuts to items in order to create work lists.  

Aliasing has been enabled to provide the ability to create shortcuts to items, which enable items to 'appear' in multiple folders within the a.k.a. library.  

Performance improvements to make working with extremely large data sets significantly easier include faster loading of large hierarchical schemes in the Architect, faster exporting for XML files from the Library and the Architect, and faster backup and restore of a.k.a. databases.

Users who publish very large interactive reports can now select a multi-file XML option. By chopping up the XML file into much smaller files, we have made report loading and refreshing a much better user experience.

Another improvement for large datasets has been to improve drag and drop in the Architect module. Top terms can now be dropped into ANY empty space, instead of having to scroll to the end of the scheme.

The full list of changes is published in the Release Notes available on myaka website.