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A handful of vendors are competing for the e-commerce protection business in Australia.

The dropping of the NAA and its replacement with the NEAC is partly a response to criticisms made to NOIE of several elements of the NAA proposal.

Most e-commerce start-ups are struggling to be profitable, despite their valuations and huge increases in turnover.

Workflow is the 'missing link' in e-commerce; the 'critical element for ensuring the integrity of e-commerce processes'.

Sydney Water uses latest technologies to open up GIS data to external users.

MapInfo has entered into an alliance with Oracle to provide a "Spatial Internet Solution" for business intelligence users.

With one eye on the Web, Devonport City Council has migrated its mapping applications to the client/server age.

Will records management software exist in the future world of knowledge management?

Optika has introduced eMedia, a Web-based electronic software infastructure for managing and automating paper-intensive business processes.

The ACT's Land Information Centre has signed an $450,000 contract with Intergraph for a new geographical information system.