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When asked about the biggest barriers to digital transformation in 2019, nearly one-third of organizations surveyed (30 percent) cited insufficient budget and 22 percent cited the inability to experiment quickly. 'Legacy systems' still present the single biggest barrier at 41 percent of those surveyed. Lack of change management capabilities and relevant skills are also seen as major hurdles in 2019.

PSIcapture 7.2 has now been released, extending the ability to migrate beyond conventional content management systems into primary line of business applications via new migrations for Microsoft Dynamics GP, Box and Intuit Quickbooks Desktop. These join the long list of PSIcapture migrations that are provided free with all license levels.

Robotic Processing Automation (RPA) is one of the latest emerging technologies in the Business Process Automation (BPA) landscape and currently has a lot of hype surrounding it. While some are heralding it as the future of BPA, out in the marketplace there is still a lot of uncertainty around what exactly it is. Businesses are unclear about how it could be used in their processes and about whether RPA is a useful solution or just another industry buzzword.

So, you’ve just started your new job with (let’s say a medium to large organisation) and on the first-day induction you’re shown the company intranet.

The fax machine is a symbol of obsolete technology long superseded by computer networks – but faxing is actually growing in popularity.

Document management doesn’t have to feel like a slapdash, haphazard process. But often due to the sheer volume of work the average employee is tasked with, it’s easier to find a rhythm in the chaos vs. taking the time to step back and implement a better system. And that can certainly include the impulse to slap a pdf alongside every line item as a way to feel like you’re in control, covering all the bases in case of an internal audit or compliance check.

In today’s world, enterprise organisations increasingly rely on digital automation to deliver the greatest level of efficiency and customer experience. A catalyst to an organisations digital transformation journey has been robotic process automation (RPA), creating a new class of digital workers that replace or augmented many office employee jobs increasing efficiency, scale, and speed at which work can be done.

Datalogics has announced the release of FLIP2PDF, a new PDF tool that converts Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents, images, PostScript and EPS files into PDFs.

Office Information Australia (OIA) has been named 2018 iManage Partner of the Year, the 8th time OIA has received this award. OIA was also awarded 2018 Cloud Excellence Partner for the 2nd consecutive year.

One of Australia’s largest super funds, Cbus Super, has chosen financial process automation experts, Valta Technology Group, to implement, integrate and manage a Source to Pay solution to drive automation across its accounts payable, financial and procurement process functions.