Fuji Xerox partners with Kofax

Fuji Xerox Australia has signed an agreement with Kofax to act as a Platinum partner and reseller of Kofax’s smart data capture applications in Australasia.

Fuji Xerox Australia will offer an extensive range of Kofax solutions for document and data capture to small and medium enterprises, mid-market and large corporations to help them migrate fully to a digital work space.

Many business interactions are based around intensive information capture and analysis in their initial stages, and their ongoing success is often predicated on the ability to process and analyse that information efficiently and accurately.

Fuji Xerox Australia can now offer Kofax smart process applications for data capture and analysis to help organisations boost service responsiveness and reduce operating costs.

Fuji Xerox technology prints more than eight billion pages and scans over 10 million documents every year in Australia, as both large and small businesses make the transition to digital work processes.

The combination of the two companies’ technologies will target records professionals and IT managers in many industry sectors, but especially financial services, insurance, healthcare, transport and government agencies.

Taraz Nadarajah, Solutions Marketing Manager, Software, at Fuji Xerox Australia, said, “Fuji Xerox solutions create electronic documents and take advantage of their ability to streamline so many business processes, while still using paper documents when they are required.

“Our new partnership with Kofax further enables our customers to streamline how they capture paper documents and digitise them, enabling more organisations to work faster, achieve more, and save time — and money.

“The Fuji Xerox Capture solution with Kofax will be backed up by one of the largest professional sales and technical services teams, alongside one of the strongest support organisations, nation-wide.”

Executive Vice-President of Field Operations at Kofax, Howard Dratler, said, “We are truly excited to welcome Fuji Xerox Australia to our Kofax Global Partner Community. Fuji Xerox Australia is a leading provider of solutions and services to the enterprise and corporate market base in Australia. 

“With Kofax extending its reach into the enterprise with its ‘First Mile’ value proposition, this messaging is resonating with Fuji Xerox and its customer base, with strong early sales and a very large pipeline of opportunity.”

Kofax data capture solutions are available now through Fuji Xerox Australia.

For more information contact Taraz.Nadarajah@aus.fujixerox.com