eForm push at RMS NSW

The push towards digital government in Australia continues to gather momentum, with a recent request for tender from NSW Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) for a Digital Medical Assessment Form another example.

Looking to replace the traditional printed form, RMS is seeking proposals for the supply of a fully hosted and managed solution that will allow Medical Practitioners, such as GPs to submit RMS Medical Assessments without leaving their existing desktop software.

This project provides a solution for the new RMS digital medical assessment form, and real time interactions between RMS systems and Medical Practitioner systems.

 The final solution will be able to be filled out online by medical practitioners e.g. doctors, specialists, occupational therapists, optometrists, ophthalmologists etc. and electronically submitted to RMS.

Some requirements include:

• will validate the customer details against those held in RMS systems based on information entered by the medical practitioners;

• will present the questions and assessments that are specific to the customer being assessed by the medical practitioners;

• will be able to display different sets of questions e.g. Private Standards vs Commercial Standards, General Drivers vs Taxi Drivers, GPs vs Specialists etc. based on the customer and medical practitioner updating the form;

• will display applicable success / failure / informative messages to users in real time based on their actions on the online form;

• will provide context sensitive help to medical practitioners during the assessment;

• will enable medical practitioners to report new disclosures to RMS (where a customer has a medical condition that might impact their fitness to drive but RMS does not yet know about the condition);

• will enable medical practitioners to save a copy of the completed RMS assessment forms to the patient’s record in their corresponding desktop software and later retrieve it with the patient records; and

• will comply with relevant legislation and privacy regulations for storage and transmission of information (RMS and Health related information).