Cloud ECM trends solidify in 2016

Cloud and hybrid ECM took off in 2015, as enterprise and government organisations looked to become more agile and mobile.

However only 27% of respondents to a recent AIIM global survey had opted for cloud ECM. The majority of ECM deployments are still using on-premises technology.

The AIIM report entitled “ECM and the Cloud: My Documents or Our Documents?” notes that managing content in the cloud is on the radar for the majority of organisations. Growing demands for flexibility by an ever-expanding mobile workforce and the extended enterprise is driving organizations to embrace cloud as part of their ECM environment.

CloudRecover, one of the largest provider of HP’s Cloud backup and recovery solutions in Asia Pacific, is now working with a range of specialist TRIM/RM Solution Providers in the region to simplify licensing and deployment of TRM/RM in the cloud.

Graeme Dixon Head of Partner Business APAC, said, “The value proposition we provide is based on the management of all backend services supporting Records Manager (RM) and TRIM. We also provide scalability and a pricing model based on a simple per user per month calculation which can be adjusted quickly and easily as required.

“Users are realising that a user pays model is much easier than managing the complexities of an on premise instance of TRIM/RM and its required infrastructure such as an Indexing Server, Content Server, etc. Then there are the added headaches of software and hardware maintenance.

“We can remove all that pain,” said Dixon

CloudRecover has a close relationship with HPE and its channel of distributors and system integrators, although it believes the locally hosted Australian cloud infrastructure and the per user TRIM/RM licensing model it offers is unique.

“We are channel focussed and rely on the network of local TRIM/RM resellers to provide deployment and integration with an organisation’s existing systems.

“We also remove the complexities of licensing that have arisen with the latest version of Records Manager (RM). This has presented obstacles to some who would otherwise like to take advantage of the great leap forward in thin client usability with the new versions of RM.

“However our specialty is the cloud infrastructure that our partners rely on to provide the economy of scale necessary to make the service competitive. The work we have done to improve data processing speeds and provide high capacity links between data centres makes it a compelling offer.”

Moving a critical application such as an EDRMS into the cloud demands a robust platform. Moving users to a simple web interface is compelling but nobody likes waiting while a backend database crunches the data.

The AIIM report concludes “If you want to simply move your storage to the cloud and eliminate IT costs, static storage is fine, but if you want it to serve as a productivity tool, it must be seen as an interactive cloud, dynamically adapting and synchronizing to meet business demands.

Via the HPE Partner eco-system, CloudRecover now provides TRIM/RM licensing in addition to private cloud hosting. An introductory offer of  1 month FREE hosting offer is available via the CloudRecover website or call 1300 722 344 – Option 1.