Are you ready for unstructured data growth?

Acaveo, a developer of file analysis software, has teamed up with Osterman Research to determine how organizations are managing their unstructured data growth. It claims that with ever higher storage costs and security risks associated with massive amounts of unstructured data stored by organizations, Information Governance (IG) initiatives are not gaining momentum as quickly as expected.

Acaveo and Osterman Research found that, of over 100 responding enterprises with a median of 20 TB of unstructured data stored, only 37% regularly audited the amount of data that employees or business units produce. Only half of surveyed organizations had an IG program in place.

Some other survey findings include:

  • Only 55% of surveyed enterprises perform regular file share cleanup exercises.
  • Only 40% of surveyed enterprises had a defensible deletion program in place.
  • Of those organizations that have an Information Governance program in place, 75% justify the program based on storage costs.

Readers who wish to compare their IG parameters to the industry average are invited to take a condensed version of the survey or download an infographic summary.