WA State government invests $A34.7m in digital transformation

The WA state government has announced it will spend $A34.7 million over four years on the Office of Digital Government to transform digital processes in the Western Australian public sector.

The Office of Digital Government will use the money to improve the delivery of online services to the community, implement higher cyber security standards, improve data protection and sharing, build data analytics capabilities, support the implementation of ICT procurement reforms and investigate strategies to reduce the digital divide.

WA Innovation and ICT Minister Dave Kelly said this is the first time the WA government has provided ongoing funding for digital reform.

"The McGowan Government recognises that digital transformation is fundamental to a modern, efficient public sector,” he said.

“We have now established an Office of the Digital Government and committed ongoing funding for it to ensure the state government is supported by efficient and effective technology, while meeting community expectations for security.”

The office was established under its current name as part of the Department of the Premier and Cabinet in July 2018.

It was previously known as the Office of the Government Chief Information Officer.