Standards Australia seeks AI feedback

Standards Australia, the peak standards-setting organisation for Australia, has released its first discussion paper on how it should approach standards building for AI. Standards Australia is accepting public submissions until 31 July on the role it should play in shaping standards for AI both nationally and globally.

Developing Standards for Artificial Intelligence: Hearing Australia’s Voice is a new discussion paper it has released, examining how Standards Australia would work with industry, government, civil society and academia to apply standards and materials, such as technical specifications and handbooks, to support the development and use of artificial intelligence in Australia.

Adrian O’Connell acting chief executive Standards Australia said “Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new, having evolved over time. But it promises to unleash many benefits, ranging from improved mobility, greater job opportunities for some, and more efficient use of resources.

“AI … presents economic and social opportunities, but it also presents issues we need to carefully consider and respond to in a manner that engages industry, academia, governments and the broader community. Standards, as an adaptive form of regulation, can play a pivotal role in responding to these issues and accelerate the adoption of trusted AI, not just locally, but globally. For a country like Australia, which is a net-importer of such technologies, this is a pivotal consideration.

“This Discussion Paper presents Australia’s opportunity to shape a standards-based approach to AI, and one that we can channel to shape effective global, and not just local, responses.”