SA Records Management Award Winner announced

SA Courts Administration Authority (CAA) Records Manager Matthew Fry has been announced as the winner of the inaugural Bernadette Bean SA Records Management Service Excellence Award.

The Award is bestowed in honour of the late Bernadette Bean’s outstanding leadership and significant contributions to the records management industry for over 30 years.

The Awards panel selected Mathew based on “Tirelessly pursuing records management excellence through the procurement and increased adoption of an enterprise-wide ECM, Objective.”

This solution is used as one of CAA’s key platforms to support business objectives; and as an enabler for innovation, digital transformation and improved services. It provides CAA ECM users with a digital workspace with the capability to connect staff, enable secure information sharing and collaboration, make timely decisions, and facilitate easier access to corporate content and supporting metadata when they need it.

Matthew led significant workplace best practice contributions and efficiency improvements for electronic content management (ECM) system users across the SA Coroner’s Court, Magistrates Court, Supreme Court, Youth Court, Sheriff’s Office and CAA Corporate Services Division

“Matthew’s long term strong commitment, drive and focus have resulted in significant improvements in the capture and management of CAA’s digital content and reduced organisational reliance on legacy paper records; greater recognition of the importance of sound information governance; increased compliance with recordkeeping legislation and standards; and adoption of innovative automated business process solutions.

“He also initiated and led significant CAA archiving projects involving the recovery, archiving and preservation of SA court records previously held in decommissioned court buildings around the State. These archival assets are of historical significance to the CAA and the State, and are a valuable enduring resource for researchers, historians, citizens and other stakeholders.leveraging the value of CAA records and information as corporate assets to improve business outcomes, mitigate risk and deliver better services.

The 2019 award runners-up are Helen Roberts, Records Officer, and Tanya Cregan, Executive Assistant, District Council of Loxton Waikerie.

Visit the award website Current and Past Award Nominations page to learn more about their achievements.