Doubling Down in a crisis – a unique opportunity for some.

As Australia and New Zealand take the first steps toward the relaxation of the restrictions that were necessary to combat the COVID19 threat, it is possible that there may be an unprecedented opportunity for some ANZ businesses to get a head start on the rest of the world.

Jeff Graham, Sales Director (ANZ) for Mitrais says, “If, as the current statistics indicate, ANZ governments can stay on top of the virus and have businesses start to return to something approaching “normal”, it is likely that these economies will become the de facto fastest growing economies on earth, at least until other nations catch up. This may not last for long, but while it does there is a significant chance to be bringing new software to market globally at a time when competitors may be hamstrung by their local conditions and restrictions.”

Mitrais helps over 50 Australian software organisations, including some of the biggest and fastest growing, by augmenting their software development teams with highly skilled near shore development resources. Whether to accelerate product roadmaps or to retire tech debt, using augmented resources enables greater flexibility to respond to market conditions while keeping a focus on new feature delivery.

With some organisations currently struggling with their team’s productivity while working from home for the first time, Mitrais customer’s projects are generally not impacted because they operate under a mature and proven remote agile methodology.

If you have an idea ready to roll, or were in the middle of the development of a significant software product or tool when COVID19 impacted, now may be the perfect time to consider augmentation of your team to not only get back on track after the disruption, but accelerate its completion to coincide with these favourable conditions! Of course, some will be faster to recognise the situation than others. But therein lies an opportunity for the bold.

The trick will be to make maximum use of this small window of competitive edge, and the key will be speed to market. If a new product or offering can be launched within this window, a significant market advantage may be possible.

“Some of our clients, especially those who build software products for ANZ markets in the healthcare, financial services and resources sectors have doubled down on the back of Australia’s remarkable rebound, with great success” Jeff says. One of those clients is Perth’s Interfuze Consulting.

Interfuze’s Director, Tim de Boer said, “We managed to compress our project time from 6 months to 6 weeks by augmenting our local development team with additional near-shore team members who worked as integrated members of the expanded team”.

“The acceleration was the result of using a blended team taking fullest advantage of the communications, collaboration, practices and cloud-based tools available - most importantly enabling Agile through DevOps. Key to hitting that target was a swift ramp up of our Mitrais nearshore partners. The speed with which I could interview and assess the candidates and their ability to hit the ground running on Agile and DevOps meant the team were producing quality code within a week.”  Tim said. “This proven increase in development velocity has us really well-positioned to take advantage of the increasing digitalisation we see as inevitable on the back of COVID-19”