archTIS announces landmark $A4.2M Defence contract

The Department of Defence's Joint Capabilities Group (JCG), formed in 2017, has turned to listed Australian technology company archTIS to provide a secure platform for information sharing across its Australian and multi-national networks.

The $A4.2 million contract is archTIS’ largest to date and first major contract signed by the Australian Department of Defence since announcing its $A15 billion investment in cyber and information warfare capabilities in June.

archTIS' information security platform Kojensi will be used to provide security for sharing and collaborating on sensitive or classified information. The Kojensi technology provides the ability to apply “attribute-based” control over how information is shared and accessed.

archTIS CEO Daniel Lai said, “I am delighted that archTIS has been selected to lead this risk reduction activity. The need to share, control and trust information in the warfighter domain, between forces and with allies remains a critical requirement." 

"archTIS is well positioned to deliver on this." 

The Joint Capabilities Group operates across a few different networks, namely:

  • Joint Logistics Command
  • Joint Health Command
  • the Australian Defence College
  • Information Warfare Division
  • Joint Support Services Division
  • the Australian Civil-Military Centre
  • the Joint Military Police Unit,
  • and Military Legal Services

Kojensi allows for attribute-based access control across each of these networks and the participating users. That means users can have a greater level of control over how their information is shared and accessed.

Attributes (such as the security classification, organisation name, and country) can be added to documents and files, giving the owner of the information full control who accesses it.

The JCG contract includes three instances of the Kojensi platform to the value of $A760,000 with $A3,440,000 in services. The contract will commence immediately with an expected duration of approximately 9-12 months unless extended.

Kojensi enables users to set rules for access to files and documents, including the security classification, organisation name, and country. Users can only see or access a document or file if they meet those rules set for the document. Users can also set the level of read/write access others can have on workspaces and documents.

It allows users to co-author sensitive and classified files, including documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Organisations can use Kojensi to share and co-author documents up to PROTECTED in an accredited cloud-based application, or higher-level documents in an on-premise or private cloud solution.

There are no super users inside of Kojensi, users have complete control and visibility over the documents and files they contribute. Each user is able to set up secure Workspaces and decide the security controls and levels applied to both Workspaces and individual documents. This saves users time empowering them to get started and work straight away.