ELO’s new ECM Suite – What’s new, what’s better

By Rainer Krause, Managing Director, ELO Australia

There are a host of reasons to get excited about the latest release of the ELO Enterprise Content Management (ECM) suite, which offers a completely new user interface, additional business solutions and preconfigured workflows, that can rapidly introduce cost-effective automation to your organisation.

Certified for use at federal, state and local government entities in Australia, ELO has also undertaken significant changes to the core of the product and added new enterprise search options with the addition of Elastic Search.

ELO has always offered inbuilt workflows, but the new preconfigured solutions outlined below can be quickly configured in a matter of days and cover over 90% of your typical workflows with no additional coding required.

Integration with other business systems is made even simpler. In 16 years in Australia, we have not found a system, we could not integrate ELO ECM with, even a DOS-based ERP system!

The ELO ECM Suite opens up an entire world of digital business processes. You can extend the software at any time with numerous apps, modules, and interfaces that integrate seamlessly with your systems.

Teamwork and Collaboration has become critical in the COVID era, and ELO offers native integration with Microsoft Office and Teams, something other ECM vendors provide as a paid add-on.

ELO also continues to steer away from concurrent licensing, so it doesn’t matter, how many devices you are logged in on or whether you have a thick or thin client, it’s all one license.

So now, let’s dive into some of the significant new offerings in ELO’s new ECM Suite.

Brand New User Interface

Familiar to users of the Window ribbon menu, the new ELO functional interface offers a clean UI, from log on to the various working areas. Users can quickly acquaint themselves with the system and define Favorites for most frequently used functions. Many users would not need to “ever” switch from one function ribbon to another simply by using the Favorites tab.

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Business Solution Frameworks

Based on best practice approaches, ELO has significantly improved its Business Solution modules, not only in terms of functionality but also deployment time frames.

Previously available Business Solutions that have undergone improvements include:

Invoice Management: ELO has introduced 5 levels of Accounts Payable solutions. From semi-automatic to fully, self-learning automations, ELO now has a solution for every business of every size.

HR Personnel File: This allows companies to store all relevant HR documents in a secure and GDPR compliant repository. A new browser also embeds a staff access form and approval workflows, that allows staff members to notify the HR department of changes, certificate submissions as well other enquiries. Even incident workflows can be easily incorporated into HR Personnel File.

Geo Tag: The geospatial ELO module Geo Tag allows users to upload images and documents based on geo data. The module has been extended to include other geospatial applications in addition to Google Maps. Incident and asset management processes can now be linked to locations, showing heat maps and with the ability to automatically start auditable workflows.

New Business Solution modules introduced with the latest release of ELO ECM Suite include:

Knowledge Management: Allows internal and external staff to collaborate and / or create an information source through articles, posts and commentaries.

Visitor Management: Especially in these times, a fully functional, auditable and easy to use visitor management system is essential to staying compliant. Fully embedded into the ELO ECM Suite, the visitor management solution allows staff to invite internal or external people to the office. Reception is alerted to the impending arrival; visitors can sign in with sign pads and a notification is sent to the meeting members. Visitor Management can be set up to be fully compliant with COVID19 regulations.

eLearning: The exciting all-new ELO eLearning module allows companies to set up complete training programs for internal and external resources. It combines a learning platform with a session management tool. Training courses can be analysed and scores can be applied ensuring that your staff are comprehensively certified.

Additional featured highlights of the new ELO ECM Suite include:

Smart Input: Now available to all users free of charge. ELO Smart Input is an intelligent wizard for adding metadata to documents. The tool intelligently recognises document types and extracts all relevant text information, eliminating the need for manual data input! The tool can also be used as a mobile application with the ELO web client. While other vendors still charge for extracting content intelligently, ELO provides this functionality out of the box.

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ELO Teamroom: Instead of using multiple software packages for storage, workflow, eSignatures and collaboration, ELO has incorporated all of this into one system. The new Teamroom allows internal and external participants to work together on projects, irrespective of their location. With calendar functions, meeting management and task management, Teamroom allows ELO to provide a single tool to improve business processes while staying compliant.

ELO Integration Client: It is typically challenging to integrate with 3rd party applications. Customisation is often required and at times specific software development so that two systems can talk to each other. The completely new ELO Integration Client allows for fast “configuration-based” integration into essentially any 3rd party system. ELO Australia has begun rolling this out with SAP Business One, Salesforce and Microsoft Navision/Dynamics NAV/Business Central. This is a ground-breaking new technology, made possible due to ELO’s open architecture.

Not new but still interesting

ELO has always been at the forefront of new developments and technologies in the ECM space.

Declare Record: ELO is one of very few vendors that offer document management (DM) and records management (RM) within the same package. All functions (DM or RM) can be deployed on-prem, in the cloud or as a hybrid solution. The “declare record” functionality can even talk between systems as a Service.


Analytics and Dashboard: ELO’s customisable Analytics tool is free of charge and allows realtime insights into invoice processing, contract management and much more. The improved dashboards can now be managed by each user, individually and not just from an administration perspective.
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SAP S/4HANA integrations: Being SAP certified, ELO globally has seen a major shift towards its own solution. Especially when it comes to replacing legacy systems or “expensive system” ELO has been very successful. Pricing and simplified licensing models allow Australian Tier One companies to review their current arrangements and future directions.

For further information contact ELO Digital Office AU/NZ: Phone: +61 2 9460 0406, Email: info@elodigital.com.au