NICE CXone digitally transforming GWA’s contact centres

GWA Group Limited (GWA), one of Australia’s leading suppliers of building fittings and fixtures, has implemented NICE CXone as part of its digital transformation and technology overhaul to support its transition to a digital-first cloud contact centre platform.

GWA’s contact centres were previously operating on a legacy telephony system, which was unstable and could not be adapted to flexible and remote working requirements. After transitioning from its on-premises solutions a year ago, accelerated by the impacts of COVID-19 on operations, GWA sought a cloud-based platform that would integrate seamlessly with its other applications as part of an organisational transformation.

The company wanted a solution that provided increased flexibility and scalability for contact centre operations, while also supporting a remote workforce.  
GWA chose CXone due to the breadth and depth of its functionality and cloud native features, including automated workforce management, quality management, and interaction analytics. CXone is built and optimised for the cloud and can enhance the way businesses harness data for actionable growth and success, and therefore GWA is now scaling the platform across its operational regions, including Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

2020 was a year marked by unprecedented upheaval for contact centre leaders, agents, and customers. Many contact centres enacted, for the first time, wide-scale work-from-home transition plans all while juggling rising needs and expectations of customers.

In fact, a NICE CXone study of contact centre leaders found that amid the COVID-19 pandemic, 62 per cent of respondents experienced an increase in digital interactions and 46 per cent saw an upturn in self-service channels – demonstrating that digital customer experience will be even more critical for customer success considering that 70 per cent of worldwide contact centres expect they will continue to have agents work from home after the outbreak.

Paul Jarman, CEO, NICE CXone, said, “It is clear, the pandemic accelerated the digital transformation of companies around the world. Contact centre transformation is key to this initiative as it is no longer simply a place to respond to customer issues – it now has more power to build customer relationships that last and drive larger business outcomes than ever before. We are pleased to be a part of GWA’s digital transformation, and we look forward to helping them remain agile in today’s increasingly remote digital world.”

Since implementing CXone across its operations in Australia, GWA has experienced a number of benefits including the ability to:  

  • measure and assess a full 360-degree review on every customer interaction
  • leverage functionalities like sentiment analysis to provide real-time feedback and guidance to agents
  • strip out complexity across processes
  • introduce greater flexibility and agility to adapt to industry change.

Alex Larson, general manager – technology and transformation, GWA, said, “With our NICE CXone implementation, every process across our operations is changing and it’s quite an exciting time for GWA. CXone is helping us move the business to a place where we can react based on the here and now with realtime feedback and guidance on customer interactions, rather than looking back in three months' time and facing the inability to change. Most companies would only ever dream of what we’re achieving this year.”