Cenitex Victoria adds EncompaaS to enhance Microsoft 365 compliance

Victorian government shared services provider Cenitex will offer the EncompaaS cloud platform to help unlock the value of the State’s government Microsoft 365 investments. This will be achieved through records management automation and other initiatives, while complying with Public Records Office Victoria (PROV) record-keeping requirements.

Cenitex’s initiative comes at a crucial time for Victorian government departments and agencies. As digital transformation ramps up these departments are looking to move to an information management environment in which flexibility, collaboration and productivity are paramount. 

While Microsoft 365 offers enhanced end user capability, challenges of discovering and governing content across new cloud platforms as well as on-premises systems remain.

Utilising visual data discovery and AI metadata enrichment, EncompaaS reduces risks associated with ungoverned content in SharePoint, Teams, File Shares and other ECM systems. 

Further business value is unlocked by automating records tasks and freeing staff to engage in activities that deliver against strategic objectives.

The EncompaaS cloud service will be provisioned by Cenitex within the Victorian government’s VicCloud Safe environment. 

Hosted on Microsoft Azure, EncompaaS integrates with both Microsoft 365 and on-premises data repositories such as Micro Focus Content Manager, SAP and file shares.

While departments and agencies are looking for automated solutions that free up staff from compliance tasks like having to classify information as a record, the ability to preserve and extend existing electronic records management solutions is important given the millions of records they still manage.

EncompaaS offers a low change transition to full or hybrid manage-in-place content management approaches, according to Andrew Paull, Southern Region Sales Manager for Informotion, partner for EncompaaS. 

“In the transition to manage-in-place, the key to success is your ability to leverage and augment existing systems while implementing new cloud capability that moves you effortlessly to your desired future state. 

"Some departments will prefer evolutionary change while others a more immediate transition. EncompaaS can support both,” said Paull.

“A typical EncompaaS implementation, including initial deployment, analysis, configuration and staff training, takes around six to eight weeks,” he said. 
“At that stage, organisations gain visibility of their content, and can make informed decisions about what to do with it.”

A solution’s ability to discover and visually display all of an organisation’s content – not just M365 data – is critical to understanding both compliance risks and the opportunities to unlock further value from it, according to EncompaaS CEO Jesse Todd. 

“Without visualisation it is difficult to understand where sensitive or valuable information is located, how it is being used and where you are exposed to risk, or what opportunities exist to automate business processes.”

The key to success is combining risk reduction with productivity benefits. 

“Our strategy helps agencies to discover and prioritise the most critical governance challenges first, and then progressively move on to other priorities. 

"Some of these goals may be to rapidly adopt Teams, retire file shares, relocate critical information to more secure and active work areas, automatically govern content in place, or implement process automation,” said Todd.

“With EncompaaS, compliance is just the beginning. Our goal is to help organisations discover, understand and enrich their content so they can inform decisions and strategy in real time, and meet their broader obligations more easily, not just records management.” - EncompaaS CEO Jesse Todd.

Departments that would like to know more about the Cenitex EncompaaS offering are encouraged to reach out to Andrew Paull via Andrew.Paull@informotion.com.au

For more information, visit https://encompaas.cloud/