Kodak Alaris Wins Award for Property Management Solution

Ephesoft, developer of  intelligent document processing (IDP), automation and data enrichment solutions, has presented Kodak Alaris with an award for a Property Management Solution created during Ephesoft’s 2021 Hackathon event.

At the Hackathon, Ephesoft partners were invited to come up with a creative use case for the company’s Transact IDP platform. After six weeks, they presented their solution to the Ephesoft Decision Committee, which includes Ephesoft’s CEO, CTO and VP of Product Marketing.

The Property Management Solution developed by Kodak Alaris helps real estate agents to quickly transform physical documents into usable digital data, making it faster and easier to process their clients’ property-related bills.

Real estate agents are required to manage large amounts of paper-based bills linked to rental properties on behalf of their clients. This can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process. Each billing company has its own document templates, and the inconsistency and varying document quality often presents a data processing challenge.

To streamline this process, Kodak Alaris leveraged the INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution to create an automated solution that extracts payment data from property bills and exports it into a desired format.

Once captured, documents are transferred to a central point where the information is processed by Ephesoft Transact, enabling payments to be made through the real estate agency’s preferred financial institution.

The ability to automatically extract critical data from documents, combined with machine-learning technology for indexing and classification, significantly reduces the time required to process bills.

Kodak Alaris and Ephesoft have announced a global alliance to help organisations simplify and automate their digitisation processes.

“We are thrilled to receive this award, which is a tangible endorsement of the value this partnership brings to our customers,” said Vanilda Grando, Global Business Development Director at Kodak Alaris. “This global alliance provides organisations with access to best-in-class solutions to help them drive digital business. The integration of our intelligent capture technologies with Ephesoft is helping companies across many industries to automate paper-based manual processes, improve data accuracy, and significantly increase operational efficiency.”

Stephen Lee, Vice President of Sales, APAC, Ephesoft added: “The fully integrated Kodak INfuse Smart Connected Scanning Solution and Ephesoft Transact offering, provides organisations with a best-in-class solution for image enhancement, capture, classification of varying document types and extraction.

“The joint solution can be used across many areas to help businesses automate their document-centric processing and provide true ROI, scalability and efficiency improvements. Our combined offering is a perfect fit for organisations looking to modernise their existing legacy applications as well and implement something that is lightweight, easy to use and will drive productivity with minimum maintenance.”