Grace crowdsources with ScaleHub BPO

ScaleHub’s global roll-out of its intelligent crowdsourcing solutions continues with the latest addition to its growing BPO network, Grace, an information management provider headquartered in Sydney, Australia.

A market leader offering a broad range of specialty services, Grace’s reach spans across the globe.

The demand for digital solutions has grown exponentially in recent years and shows no signs of slowing down. Grace’s focus on information management, with its extensive range of digital solutions and records management, archiving and destruction services, are sought out by businesses worldwide.

Often, the most feasible approach for enterprises is to look to an outsourcing partner for high-volume digitization tasks as specialized third-party organizations can guarantee turnaround times as well as other quality thresholds. Another important qualification to look for in an outsourcing partner is data security - and the certifications to prove it - especially if documents or data will be stored in the cloud.

“Grace checks all of these boxes,” said Torsten Malchow, ScaleHub CRO. He added that “Grace did extensive research before deciding to utilize ScaleHub’s crowdsourcing solutions to cover client requirements around intelligent automation.”

“In the end, they found ScaleHub was the provider able to safely meet those requirements. We are headquartered in Germany but have global reach and the ability to cater to any need in any part of the world; for example, we can offer the same SLAs for character-based languages.”

“BPOs have extensive understanding of their customers’ challenges,” said Torsten. “That’s one reason why we work to form long-lasting and mutually beneficial partnerships through our BPO Crowd Boost program.”

Dean Beatty, General Manager, Digital Solutions at Grace, added, “ScaleHub has significant experience working with BPOs. Their crowdsourcing portal is industry leading, and thanks to very modern system architecture, all the data and documents we process with ScaleHub remain in Australia.”

“We have several use cases in the making, which we plan to announce soon. ScaleHub technology opens new business opportunities for us and for our clients.”

“Another essential attribute is the boost in customer satisfaction. ScaleHub’s ability to deliver almost 100% data accuracy within committed turnaround times closely aligns to the high standards for which Grace is renowned.”

“At Grace, we’ve had very good experiences partnering with best-of-breed technology partners to benefit our customers.  The undeniable benefits of ScaleHub’s technology further enhances our market-leading solutions providing additional value for our customers.”

Grace and ScaleHub are currently collaborating on dedicated pre-sales and sales trainings to transfer knowledge and to customize specific solutions for Grace customers.