IP Australia takes on RecordPoint

IP Australia has selected RecordPoint as its data management and compliance partner. The agency will adopt Records365 to support its ongoing modernization program as it embraces a new way of working that emphasises a user centric approach and greater focus on automated compliance, data trust and privacy across its information landscape.

IP Australia administers intellectual property rights and legislation relating to patents, trade marks, registered designs and plant breeder's rights in Australia. IP Australia sits within the Department of Industry, Science, Energy and Resources (DISER) portfolio.

IP Australia joins several Australian Federal agencies that have recently chosen RecordPoint, including the Prime Minister and Cabinet, and the Office of the Official Secretary to the Governor-General.

According to its 2021-2022 Corporate Plan, “Rapid developments in device connectivity, computing power, artificial intelligence and data capacity are fuelling growth in digital technologies, with implications for IP functions and processes. Digital technologies provide us with options for more efficient administration, examination and monitoring of IP rights.

“The way we interact with each other has also increasingly moved online. Customers expect leading-edge online services to facilitate their use of the IP system. Digital information systems are more important than ever and provide a powerful platform for us to interact with our customers.

“We are increasingly utilising smart analytics and improved data holdings to innovate and find efficiencies in how we conduct our work and improved methods to gain insights on our data. We aim to position IP Australia as a Government leader in digital services and leverage our knowledge and expertise to add value to the IP system both at home and abroad.”