Relay raises $US5m to tackle Collaborative Workflows

A startup that includes includes the product, design, and engineering leaders from Gmail and Google Calendar has announced a $US5M seed round and the early access launch of their collaborative workflow product, Relay.

Relay was founded by Jacob Bank, who was previously the Co-Founder and CEO of Timeful (acquired by Google in 2015) and then a Product Management Director at Google.

“While collaboration tools have advanced dramatically over the past decade, it still requires a huge amount of skill and effort to craft the right collaboration and operating workflows,” shared Bank.

“We're building a product that will make it effortless to run an effective team.”

Relay’s product sits on top of a team’s existing collaboration tools and offers leaders and operators a better solution for orchestrating repeated workflows, like launching features, publishing blog posts, running all-hands meetings, and onboarding new employees.

The product keeps all of the stakeholders on track and automates the tedious mechanics of the workflow.

Relay is working with emerging market leaders like Ramp and fast-growing startups like Lumos as design partners, and the company is now opening up an early access program here.