ChatGPT4 a potential Cybercrime Accelerant

An initial analysis of ChatGPT4 by Check Point Research (CPR),  the research arm of Check Point Technologies, has suggested the tool could be used to streamline development of Cyber Attacks and deliver them with more precision.

Despite the presence of safeguards in ChatGPT4, some restrictions can be easily circumvented, enabling threat actors to achieve their objectives without much hindrance, the report notes.

The company has used ChatGPT4 to, among other things, build a malware program that collects PDF files from a user's computer and sends them back to the hacker.

Other possibilities include using ChatGPT in phishing, which is a technique used by hackers to retrieve sensitive user information by impersonating an official entity.

The company successfully used ChatGPT to streamline the creation of a text that a hacker would use to impersonate a bank via email and get users to input their account information in an unofficial website.

In another case, Check Point used ChatGPT to write a fake email that a hacker could use to trick employees of a company into sharing their corporate credentials with him.

In a fourth case, the company was able to use ChatGPT to write the code for a "reverse shell," which is a type of malware used to gain access to a user’s computer through the internet.

Oded Vanunu, Head of Products Vulnerabilities Research at Check Point Software, said, “After finding several ways in which ChatGPT can be used by hackers, and actual cases where it was, our researchers spent the last 24 hours to see whether anything changed with the newest version of ChatGPT. While the new platform clearly improved on many levels, we can, however, report that there are potential scenarios where bad actors can accelerate cybercrime in ChatGPT4.

“ChatGPT4 can empower bad actors, even non-technical ones, with the tools to speed up and validate their activity. Bad actors can also use ChatGPT4’s quick responses to overcome technical challenges in developing malware.

“What we’re seeing is that ChatGPT4 can serve both good and bad actors. Good actors can use ChatGPT to craft and stitch code that is useful to society; but simultaneously, bad actors can use this AI technology for rapid execution of cybercrime. As AI plays a significant and growing role in cyber attacks and defense, we expect this platform to be used by hackers as well, and we will spend the following days to better understand how.”