PdfOptimizer selected for for EMC Captiva InputAccel

CVISION Technologies has announced that PdfOptimizer for EMC Captiva InputAccel is now available through EMC Select, a program which helps customers easily acquire components that comprise an information infrastructure.

With PdfOptimizer for InputAccel (formerly sold by EMC as Image2PdfCompressor,) EMC Captiva users can create efficient documents with advanced file compression and highly-accurate OCR.

Customers who scan-to-host, -to-archive, or –to-email will benefit from files that are 100% compliant with the Adobe PDF standard yet are 5-10X smaller than TIFF G4 files and 10X-100X smaller than JPG.

With advanced files compression, storage costs are reduced, users download their files in a fraction of the time, and files are easier to share, transmit, and email.

PdfOptimizer for InputAccel allows users to:
• Create paper-based documents that are more efficient to transmit, access, store, search and archive
• Compress captured bi-tonal documents up to 10X smaller than TIFF Group 4
• Compress captured color documents up to 100X smaller than JPG
• Produce super-compressed PDF files usable by anyone with Acrobat Reader 5.0 or later
• Create accurate text-searchable PDF image + text files with compressed hidden text layer without the need to deploy extra dedicated servers
• Convert TIFF, PDF, JPEG, and 10 other file formats into super-compressed, 100% standard PDF files

PdfOptimizer for InputAccel requires a license of Captiva InputAccel or FormWare and runs on Microsoft Windows 7, XP, 2000, or NT.