Objective sails into Port

Port Kembla Port Corporation has selected Objective Corporation to provide its content, collaboration and process management solution to support business growth and knowledge management.

The Port Kembla Port Corporation is responsible for the provision of port management and shipping management. The Corporation provides a number of wharf and property assets for unloading, loading and storing cargo.

PKPC recently experienced strong growth and an office consolidation, resulting in the need for a solution that would help them manage their content, knowledge and records as important strategic assets.

Leanne Taylor, General Manager Corporate Services said: “The Port Kembla outer harbour expansion is about to commence. This is a major 20 year project that will bring with it regional growth and the scope for PKPC to support it. To prepare for this, we need to ensure we have efficient process management in place and that knowledge transfer is achievable via a single repository for all information.”

The Corporation began the search for a solution that would provide them with a solid foundation for information and knowledge management. Selecting from the NSW IAMS panel, PKPC undertook an extensive evaluation process that included a site visit to their sister port, Newcastle Port Corporation (NPC), also an Objective customer.

“We were so impressed with how Objective is supporting NPC’s operations. It was clear to us that the solution would be easy to use for staff and that we would be strongly supported by Objective during implementation, change management and training phases.”

The Port’s hive of activity extends into their office where staff busily create and manage an extensive amount of content as part of their daily activities.

“Objective will be used by all staff in a diverse range of roles across every aspect of the business for process and information management,” said Ms Taylor.

For example, NSW Port Operators must hold a Port Safety Operating Licence with NSW Maritime for the navigation of boats into the harbour. Strict compliance with an externally accredited quality assurance system is compulsory to obtain this licence. Non-conformance or failures can have significant impact including penalties, litigation or operational failure.

Port Kembla Corporation will use Objective to mitigate risk of noncompliance by managing the content, review and approvals associated with the quality assurance systems.

Once the solution is implemented and training is complete, the Engineering department will utilise Objective for version control of all plans, drawings and photographs of berths, jetties and breakwalls.

HR and Finance will use Objective for managing processes such as financial reporting, tracking of debtor and creditor payments and management of all contracts and associated information in tender projects for works undertaken in the Port.

Objective’s governance and compliance capability will support the Corporate Governance department in managing their meeting minutes, board papers, policy and procedures and risk audits.

“Knowledge transfer is very important in our business. We knew it was crucial for information to be accessible and available for current and future employees, in order to advance our business processes and position us for future growth,” said Ms Taylor.

“Objective will enable us to leverage strategic value from our information assets. Being able to quickly and easily access and search for information electronically, will streamline our business
processes and means less time for staff in finding the right information at the right time.

“With Objective, PKPC can be confident in knowing our strategic information assets and corporate knowledge will be well looked after, and we can get on with the important business of servicing the port shipping needs of regional NSW.”