Nuix Collector catches up with SharePoint 2010

Forensic search specialist Nuix has launched what it claims is the world’s only forensically defensible means of collecting all Electronically Stored Information (ESI) from Microsoft SharePoint sites, including dynamic content.

Nuix Collector for SharePoint can collect discussion threads, blogs, wikis, calendars, task lists, and all associated data in a fully automated fashion. In addition, Nuix Collector acquires the content in a manner that allows it to be rendered as it looked on the SharePoint site.

Nuix Collector for SharePoint supports Microsoft SharePoint WSS, 2007 and 2010, as well as cloud-based SharePoint sites. It forms part of a suite of tools for the identification, collection and preservation of potentially relevant ESI.

Nuix CEO Eddie Sheehy said the Nuix Collector Suite is based on technology that has been developed over the past eight years by MicroForensics.

“Recently Nuix and MicroForensics formed a partnership to integrate our technologies and bring to market a complete suite of eDiscovery tools that cover both the left and right side of the EDRM,” commented Sheehy. “It is exciting to be able to bring to our customers an integrated suite of products that provide a cost effective, easy-to-use and off-the-shelf solution.”

The Nuix Collector Suite is comprised of three tools that can be used alone or in conjunction with one another, as well as with Nuix’s data processing and analysis tools.

The three tools are:

* Nuix Collector for SharePoint - provides a fast and defensible means of collecting electronically stored information (ESI) from Microsoft SharePoint sites, while maintaining the exact look-and-feel as it existed at the time of collection.
* Nuix Collector for Networks - automates the collection of ESI from laptops, desktops, enterprise file shares and common computer forensic file formats stored on a Windows accessible network.
* Nuix Collector Portable - enables organisations to simply and rapidly collect data in the field. It is an easy 'plug and play' solution so the end user needs no expertise or specialist training.