Laserfiche gets VERS stamp of approval

Laserfiche has completed a long term mission in 2010 to achieve VERS certification, opening the door for a concerted assault on the Australian and regional ECM marketplace in 2011.

The Public Record Office Victoria (PROV) has announced that the Laserfiche has been certified against specification 2 of the VERS Standard, used by Government agencies in assessing electronic record-keeping platforms.

Andy Wang | Director, ECM Strategy for Laserfiche, said, “In alignment with our long term strategic plans, VERS certification was a logical choice for Laserfiche to pursue as it offers increased credibility in Laserfiche’s traditional strengths of records management, particularly a good fit with Laserfiche’s existing DoD (US Department of Defense) 5015.2 certification from both a product and credibility perspective.”

“From a credibility perspective, admittedly although DoD 5015.2 is considered the golden standard in the Records Management world; it nonetheless is a USA-centric standard. As Laserfiche’s worldwide presence continues to grow, invariably the additional layer of regional needs play more significantly into the bigger picture,” he said.

“From the product perspective, VERS emphasised a different focused approach on records management versus DoD 5015.2. VERS is mostly about preserving data and verifying integrity and supporting data transfer into a neutral format. DoD 5015.2 is mostly about records management rules, and keeping track of when to destroy, transfer, or review a record.

“Although fundamentally Laserfiche 8’s product architecture already meets the requirement of both - going through the VERS certification allowed an opportunity for our development team to fine tune and focus on delivering the best possible records management solution to meet organizations’ records management needs.

“Laserfiche International was formed to provide this guidance, and achieving VERS certification is showing our commitment to the Australian and Greater APAC market, and also a statement that we hear the needs of the worldwide addressable market.”

The company expects 2011 will be an expansion year, with Australia and the greater APAC region (Hong Kong, Singapore, and China in particular) identified as high growth areas.

In 2009 and 2010 Laserfiche prepared for mainstream adoption outside of the United States, opening offices in Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Canada, with several more planned over the next two years.