Medius takes on Australian P2P market

Sweden’s Medius has established operations in Australia, completing a period of rapid international growth for the paperless workflow specialist .

The new Australian subsidiary is headed up by former ReadSoft employee Robert Bruhn, who is looking to hire technical and sales staff to tackle the local Purchase to pay (P2P) and invoice automation software market.

Bruhn points out that Medius MediusFlow offers more than just P2P automation as it offers a broad platform for workflow design,

“MediusFlow is able to be configured as an on-premise, outsourced or SaaS solution, or any combination of the above, with scanning outsourced to a BPO if required,” said Bruhn.

“My target for Australia is to grow with the same rate or better than Medius AB. This requires hiring both technical and sales staff rapidly. The required staff must have first-hand knowledge of or certification in PMBOK/BABOK.”

Senior staff will be brought in from Sweden to install and configure MediusFlow’s first customers in Australia.

Medius Australia is also looking for OCR and ERP partners. Readsoft and Microsoft are existing global partners.

MediusFlow offers a web based procure to pay workflow that can be integrated with any OCR system, purchasing system and ERP platform. The platform is sold on a per transaction basis, rather than per user, and the only desktop software required is an Outlook plug-in that allows for invoice authorisation from within the email client.

An iPhone app has been launched and other smartphones are soon to follow, providing the ability to manage workflow on the go.

Medius has out-of-the-box integration with 40 ERP systems and 20 purchasing systems and it is currently in use at over 500 customers globally. Norwegian supermarket giant NorgesGruppen processes more than 4.5 million invoices annually with MediusFlow.

There are five modules in MediusFlow and each can be bought separately:.
MediusFlow - Supplier invoices Authorize - workflow for general expense invoices. The most common flow is a two-step workflow with an approver and an authoriser. The approver codes according to the General Ledger and the Authoriser signs for the dollar value.
MediusFlow - Supplier invoices Match - workflow for 2 or 3 way matching on line level. If there are discrepancies in the line matching a workflow will start. The most common way is to have the purchaser handle price discrepancies and the good receiver handle quantity discrepancies.
MediusFlow –Purchase Module - is where purchase orders can be setup for general expense invoices. Complementing the material management purchasing system the company is able to approve and authorise to get permission rather than forgiveness.
MediusFlow – Agreements Module - is for scanning contracts and agreements. The agreements are monitored for approaching expiry date and a notification is sent to the responsible person via mail. The agreements are matched on header or line level with the incoming invoices for example for amounts and due dates are correct. A workflow is sent if there are discrepancies.
MediusFlow – Generic Workflow Module - can be used to design unique processes such as expense approval and can also be used beyond P2P.

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