EZCM spells one-button Outlook archiving

ACOM has launched the EZCM Outlook Plug-in, an Outlook add-on that automatically indexes and stores email messages and attachments in their native formats.

"The Outlook Plug-in really delivers the benefits of electronic document management in an application that's essential to users and their daily activities," says Joe Torano, Channel Division Vice President at ACOM.

By clicking on the "EZCM" button from within Outlook, users can automatically save the email message and its attachments into EZContentManager, based on the document type selected.

ACOM's EZCM Outlook Plug-in exports email messages and their associated attachments directly to the web-based EZContentManager application, without any further user interaction.

"Storing messages and attachments in their native formats ensures the integrity of our clients' data," says Angela Doolittle, Channels Product Manager.

"It also flattens the learning curve for end-users, significantly boosting user acceptance and productivity from day one."

Emails can be retrieved and displayed with all attachments in the standard Outlook window. This provides a familiar interface that essentially eliminates the need for training. By keeping all attachments permanently linked to their original messages, EZCM Outlook Plug-in promises a clear audit trail for management.