FileBound delivers in the cloud

FileBound Australia has launched FileBound On-Demand in Australia, a cloud-based document management and workflow solution.

The full complement of FileBound functions is included such as advanced search and retrieval, user customisable workflow, electronic forms and full API accessibility. Joining the existing On-Site and Network Appliance based versions, the On-Demand service is the third delivery method for FileBound Solutions in Australia.

“FileBound Australia has worked hard in the last few months to deliver a cost effective, fully featured, hosted Document Management and Workflow solution that has no capital expenditure requirement” said Lee Bourke, CEO of FileBound Australia.

“This service will allow organisations who previously could not afford to enjoy the benefits of these types of solutions to do so. This is very much in-line with FileBound Australia’s vision of bringing Document Management and Automated Workflow to the masses”.

The FileBound On-Demand service is hosted in Australia and is distributed through a network of Value Added Resellers. Procuring the service is a simple as paying a small setup fee and monthly usage charges based on the number of documents stored. FileBound Australia will be offering a limited number of free three month trials during March 2011.