Electronics giant tackles mega capture with CVISION

CVISION Technologies is to provide a global electronics corporation with a scanning solution based on its PdfCompressor software to OCR a million pages in backlog as well as 5000 pages per month moving forward.

The corporation is a major contender in the electronics component industry and has distribution all around the world. Recently the corporation acquired three other companies, leading to a marked increase in the amount of document processing work that needed to be done.

The corporation had a backlog of several hundred thousand pages that required processing. In order to facilitate this task, the corporation turned to CVISION for a software solution that could perform both file compression and OCR.

Using CVISION’s PdfCompressor with OCR, the corporation was able to convert their image documents into highly efficient, compressed files with search capability. With compressed files, the company was able to significantly reduce their backlog and free up storage space.

Employees also had an easier time accessing the documents because of their decreased size.
Also, because of OCR the documents were all searchable, allowing for faster and easier access to information.

Chris Koulouris, Marketing Director at CVISION Technologies, stated, “Many companies have a keen interest in using document capture software to improve the efficiency of scanned paper. Our advanced software continues to help companies move one step closer to a paperless office.”