ASIC calls early case assessment tender

The Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) has issued a tender for an early case assessment (ECA) solution to support its electronic evidence processing on the Ringtail document review and evidence management system.

ASIC is facing a massive growth in the volume of data it must review inside Ringtail, and wants to “centralise and standardise the processing of electronic data and potentially, hard copy records leveraging open enterprise standard database technology.”

Each case that ASIC handles can represent from a few gigabytes to multiple terabytes of data. The wide range of sources of digital evidence can include forensic images of disks from seized computers and laptops as well as removable media such as CDs, DVDs, USB drives and portable hard disks.

ASIC's Evidence Services group is currently utilising the following platforms:
* Encase Forensic - for reading electronic media, making forensic copies of the same and extracting user generated files;
* Nuix - for expanding files, such as Exchange databases, "Zip" files and extracting embedded objects, enabling searching of the same and providing options for the rendering and exporting of document groups to Ringtail;
* Ringtail - enables national teams to review and categorise documents and provides evidence management capabilities;
* Kofax – scanning of hard copy documents; and
* Coding tools for scanned and electronic documents.

The data processing and ECA application will be heavily used by approximately 30 evidence services staff in capital cities across Australia and Traralgon in Victoria, as well as 500 internal ASIC staff.

ASIC wants an ECA system with the ability to export documents for review within Ringtail Legal and reduce the need to manually handle data and exports. It also requires the flexibility to export to Ringtail Load File (export.mdb), EDRM XML load files as well as other formats.