Sydney Uni on target with EzeScan

The University of Sydney’s Accounts Payable Department is using EzeScan Production Batch Scanning software to automate invoice processing.

The AP Department has to deal with between 8-10,000 invoices a month, and is now able to capture all pre-approved invoices using the EzeScan solution.

Captured data from these invoices, which represent between 20-30% of the total processed, is also output for upload to the University’s PeopleSoft finance system.

Around 50% of invoices that arrive at the University of Sydney are still processed manually, another 20% delivered directly through Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), with 20% captured using the EzeScan scanning solution.

Yvonne Pollock, P2P Manager at the University of Sydney, said efficiency gains delivered by the automated processing had enabled the AP Department to handle the 46 % growth in number of invoices over the last 4 years. in real numbers 75775 to 110945 without an increase to FTE.

EzeScan operators scan and QA the scanned images and validate the captured data. The data is automatically captured by EzeScan’s DISCOVERY module.

The EzeScan DISCOVERY module utilises smart template technology to search the scanned & OCR’d document for fixed expressions, saving the operator valuable time doing manual data entry. EzeScan uploads the invoice image to HP TRIM along with captured data seamlessly using EzeScan’s native HP TRIM integration.

EzeScan can also instigate HP TRIM workflow actions associated with the invoice approval process and any other HP TRIM record actions.

Captured invoices are contributing to a growing volume of electronic data stored on the University’s TRIM platform, alongside student and personnel records.

May Robertson, Records Manager, estimates there are more than 15,000 electronic records being created each week, including email and documents.