Sharing the secrets of SharePoint success

SharePoint is moving beyond its traditional strengths in collaboration and content management, also emerging as a custom application platform and business intelligence tool for data analysis, according to users profiled at the upcoming SharePoint 2013 Conference in Sydney (April 10-11)  and Auckland (April 16-17).

The events will see organisations from a range of industries from Construction to Banking, Healthcare to Education profiling their experiences of utilising SharePoint to enhance information management.

National Australia Bank (NAB) will explain how it is using Yammer to improve both internal and external stakeholder relations and show its relationship to their work with Sharepoint.

Hansen Yuncken, one of Australia’s largest, privately owned construction companies, is using SharePoint is assisting them to structure process and change behaviour as they transition to Building Information Modelling (BIM) technologies which are currently revolutionising their Industry.

Partners Life, New Zealand’s fastest growing life insurance provider, will share how they have used SharePoint to do their business in the cloud. The solution involved transferring and tracking hundreds of thousands of policy-related documents from paper-based to electronic, to make them easily available to their staff. Attendees will hear first-hand how they leveraged cloud technologies to minimise the cost of physical hardware, maintenance of, and onsite resources during their start-up period.

Dan Holme, Microsoft Technologies Consultant for NBC Olympics, will give an inside look at how SharePoint was put to use in one of the most unique IT efforts in the world,  the broadcast of the 2012 Summer Games from London. He will outline ways that to leverage SharePoint in your enterprise, and how the Olympics broadcast can inform the choices you make supporting and developing for SharePoint.

Antarctica New Zealand joined forces with Information Leadership to improve productivity and reduce risk by integrating a SharePoint extranet portal with a back-end scheduling system to deliver E.M.P.E.R.O.R. This king-sized acronym reflects the diverse range of information the system manages: Event Management – Personnel, Environment, Risk, Operations & Resources. This solution overcomes a severe bandwidth constraint by replicating data over a satellite WAN, thus enabling operational use at Scott Base in Antarctica. Reporting Services and a MS Project plug-in were also key technologies for this project.

Considering an upgrade of your intranet to SharePoint 2013? Komatsu Australia has undertaken the upgrade and plans to outline its motivations and discuss the many challenges faced and the lessons learnt.

Attendees will also hear from organisations as diverse as Marine Rescue Queensland, Tourism New Zealand and TVNZ.

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