Toyota starts paperless push with Kodak

Toyota Finance has moved to speed up loan processing for its extensive dealer network across Australia with a customised Kodak digital capture solution supplied by Upstream Print Solutions and document imaging specialist distributor Alloys.

The solution utilised Kodak scanners taking advantage of the Perfect Page image technology along with the robust feeding mechanism that ensured the success of the project.

Project managing of such a customised solution to an extensive & broad dealer network within the Toyota Corporation, Upstream engaged the expertise of the scanning solution architects of Alloys.

Alloys worked closely with the Upstream technical service division to deploy in excess of 450 Kodak i2400 model document scanners to over 350 Toyota dealers across Australia.

Not only was the software reconfigured to enhance the business process & paper workflow  but Upstream also tailored simple training guides for each dealership to ensure maximum productivity and ease of use from day one.

Alloys provided asset & logistic services through its own automated internal systems to ensured accuracy and deployment of the project stages on time.  

Initially Toyota Finance were looking to explore a cloud document processing solution that would extract data from the loan applications and kick off digital workflow. However it was decided to initiate the project with a compact document scanning solution that would capture the necessary unstructured finance documents with clarity. 

The size of the scanned image had to be kept to a minimum as these images would be uploaded across the WAN to Toyota Finance's central Australian processing facility in Sydney.

Brett Vale, Account Executive at Upstream Print Solutions, a subsidiary of Fuji-Xerox Australia, said the solution was deployed in late 2012 and is continuing to roll out.

Initial finance approval can now be provided in hours rather than days waiting for loan applications to arrive via the post.

"Introducing the Kodak scanning solution has reduced settlement time for finance applications by weeks," said Vale.

Previously final settlement was delayed until the loan documents were received at Toyota Finance's centralised Australian loan processing facility via post. In addition to the time for delivery some dealers were not so regular in sending through their paperwork, causing bottlenecks at the end of the month

"A cloud document processing and capture solution was considered but it became a very complex process that would have required major changes to the firm's IT infrastucture," said Vale.

"Toyota Finance implemented a simpler solution that enables staff members to have confidence in the process with ease of use, but more importantly enhance the Toyota customer experience by enabling prompt response with applications for finance. The Kodak I2400 compact solution is seen as delivering on the business expectations over the next three year window while they evaluate more complex changes to their backend systems."