Mitre 10 NZ adopts Digitally Signed Documents

Mitre 10, New Zealand’s largest home improvement and garden retailer with more than 150 stores nationwide, has embraced Secured Signing's trusted digital signature SaaS solution to streamline the signing of suppliers’ contracts, Company policies, Human Resources documents, and senior management’s requests for approval.        

“We needed an inclusive and compliant Mitre 10 branded solution that met our entire business signing needs, and were able to implement the Secured Signing system easily and rapidly,” said Blair McNeill, Mitre 10’s General Manager. 

“Our team was able to customise, track and manage the signing process, which enabled a prompt trade and shortened paperwork turnaround that was instantly realised by our customers, staff, and managers.”                

To accommodate the specific requirements, Secured Signing’s Smart Tag product was integrated with a mail-merge feature, which creates the required document with a signature placeholder and sends bulk invitations to any number of invitees for online signing. 

This encourages a quick response from a large number of designated signatories and enables the company’s head office to monitor and manage the signing process in real time.    

Secured Signing offers a cloud-based, digital signature service that enables its users to capture their graphical signature, fill-in, sign, seal, and verify documents from anywhere, anytime, either on their desktop, or by using a mobile tablet device.