Nuix teams up for digital forensics

Ediscovery firm Nuix is looking to tackle the market for tools to manage digital forensic triage, indexing and investigation in partnership with vendor ADF Solutions.

ADF’s Triage-G2, Triage-Examiner and Triage-Responder applications are used  to rapidly analyse and triage large numbers of potential evidence sources including computers and flash storage media. 

ADF’s software exports forensic images together with all work product for indexing and analysis in the Nuix Investigator range of applications. Investigators can then process the selected devices, gather and cross-reference intelligence, analyze the evidence and conduct collaborative investigations with multiple investigators and subject matter experts.

“By joining forces, ADF and Nuix can offer the digital forensic market a best-in-class efficient workflow for investigations,” said J.J. Wallia, CEO and co-founder of ADF Solutions. “Our combined strengths can help investigators quickly get across large numbers of evidence sources with massive volumes of data.”

The combined solution aims to addresses the large case backlogs facing digital forensic investigators today due to traditional forensic tools’ lack of workable triage methodology, inability to process large volumes of data in a timely fashion, poor coverage of file formats and diminishing vendor support.

“The two largest forensic software providers have slackened the pace of innovation in their products’ core capabilities—they are more focused on other markets,” said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix. “Nuix and ADF remain committed to the digital forensics market – we provide ongoing support and innovation to deliver the new features and performance improvements the market is asking for.”