Objective adds local government wins

Objective Corporation has announced ongoing expansion in local government, with Sutherland Shire Council and Redland City Council in Australia, as well as Tauranga City Council, Gisborne and Nelson District Councils in New Zealand, selecting the next generation information and process management solution, Objective ECM 8. 

Objective ECM 8 has been engineered to allow local government organisations to easily migrate from legacy Electronic Document and Records Management Systems (EDRMS). Redland City Council recently completed phase one of its data migration from TechnologyOne ECM, Sutherland City Council are migrating from its legacy Lotus Notes/Domino.doc system, Nelson City Council and Gisborne District Council migrated from OpenText eDOCS and Tauranga City Council migrated five million documents from Dataworks to Objective ECM 8. 

These customers join a growing number of local government customers looking to extract real business value from their information and process management solution, enabling them to deliver outcomes for their communities. Seamless integration with key applications and semi-proprietary systems was key in the decision making process of these customers, but equally as important was the need to increase their immediate efficiencies and provide a platform that supports their broader information management strategy, now and into the future. 

Tony Walls, CEO of Objective Corporation said, “Objective is the information management platform of choice for local government, with more than 250 customers globally. Our proven ability to deliver improved efficiencies by uniting the silos of information and automating business processes for an organisation enables them to meet the increasing needs of their communities, while ensuring business and legislative requirements are met.”

Local government organisations have a requirement to deliver services to their ratepayers and the local community. Delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time is critical to being able to deliver those services. Objective’s ECM solutions ensure that staff have access to and can find all the relevant information regarding any community requests that they are working on. This enables them to respond in a timely, accurate manner.

Given the economic conditions that Councils operate under, driving ongoing efficiencies and increasing the level of collaboration both inside and outside the organisation is critical. However, the increasing challenge of responding to the needs of their communities coupled with the exponential growth of information stored in multiple systems is hampering the efficiency drives of many local government organisations. 

Sutherland Shire Council, the second largest Local Government council in NSW, has selected Objective ECM 8 to enhance efficiencies and remove silos of information. The implementation will replace legacy systems and seamlessly integrate with key applications and semi-proprietary systems. 

Trevor Rowling, Manager Administration and Governance, Sutherland Shire Council said, “We chose Objective ECM  because the Objective team demonstrated thorough knowledge of local council processes and understood our specific information management requirements better than anyone else.”

“By implementing Objective ECM, we will also have the ability to seamlessly integrate with our new Customer Request Management System. This collaborative approach will enable Council to take the service we provide to our community to a new level.” 

Silos of information exist in many organisations, presenting challenges to key business processes, and impacting the ability to meet business and legislative requirements. Objective’s ECM solutions are engineered to unite information and seamlessly integrate with core business applications, while meeting specific local government requirements. 

Objective ECM 8’s integration to specialist local government Land Information and Geospatial Information systems is market proven and continually being enhanced. Objective AppLink provides integration between Objective ECM 8 and Infor Pathway, TechnologyOne Property & Rating, Civica Authority, Origin’s Ozone and many more business systems. 

David Macniven, CIO of Redland City Council said, “To achieve greater efficiencies in our organisation, we realised that we needed to consolidate our unstructured data into one central repository linked to our existing line of business systems. This would also enable us to improve our management and enhance service delivery to ratepayers. By implementing Objective ECM, we will unite our data and collaborate more efficiently both internally and with the community.

“Objective ECM 8 is part of our broader strategy of change. We continue to sharpen our focus on improving the level of service that we provide to residents by putting their needs first. Objective will help us achieve greater efficiencies and deliver real value to our community.”

Tony Walls said, “Objective understands the importance and value that next generation information management brings to local government organisations. For 25 years we have enabled our local government customers to deliver measurable outcomes for the communities that they serve and we are committed to continually delivering solutions that meet their specific requirements.”