CargoDocs delivers a digital revolution for shipping

Electronic Shipping Solutions has announced the launch of its electronic shipping document service, CargoDocs, with BP Oil UK and Morgan Stanley among the first customers to create and transact an electronic Bill of Lading.

The shipping industry has long sought an electronic solution to solve the significant inefficiencies caused by the use of paper documents. These include vessel and cargo delays, stalled credit lines, lack of supply chain visibility, and the need to provide Letters of Indemnity (LOIs). Shipping is one of the last major industries to adopt paperless document solutions, but ESS believes that CargoDocs will now help bring trade up to speed.
The first CargoDocs electronic Bill of Lading was issued by the BRO DELIVERER on Monday January 25th for a shipment from Ineos’s Finnart Terminal in Scotland to BP’s Terminal in Belfast, after being electronically signed by the vessel’s Master.  
The electronic Bill of Lading was transacted from Scotland to London to Milton Keynes and produced back to the vessel in less than two hours.
“The electronic transfer of shipping documentation is a significant step forward for the industry,” said Guy Jarman of Morgan Stanley. “We are excited to be associated with this important development.”
“CargoDocs fit perfectly within Brostrom’s fleetwide adoption of broadband services and short sea services,” says Andreas Jorgensen, Operations Manager for Brostrom Tankers. “It eases the administrative burden for the Captain and fosters real time savings.”
BP has been involved with ESS for over five years, contributing to the development and evolution of CargoDocs. Rob Ramos, UK Supply Operations Manager at BP Oil UK confirmed the use of BP’s first electronic Bill of Lading, saying “BP concluded testing last year and are now comfortable with eDocs and welcomed the opportunity to participate in this first electronic trade.”
ESS is working with a number of leaders in the oil, gas and product industries during 2010 to rollout CargoDocs across Europe, North Africa, the US Gulf Coast and Caribbean regions.