Computershare SA tackles 30M documents with TIS

Top Image Systems, the Israeli developer of intelligent document recognition, and Raven Imaging, a specialist in the supply and maintenance of imaging software, hardware and storage equipment in South Africa, have been selected by Computershare South Africa to process, index and classify more than 30 million documents and convert them into electronic records.

Computershare South Africa is a subsidiary of Australia's listed company Computershare Limited, the world’s leading financial services and technology provider to the global securities industry. Computershare South Africa provides services to 83 percent of the companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE).

TIS’s eFLOW will enable Computershare South Africa to convert its stock exchange listed clients’ share transfer records into electronic records. These records comprise of eight different forms including share transfer forms, share certificates, dematerialisation receipts and similar documents evidencing shareholders rights to listed securities.

To tackle this project, TIS has joined forces with Digital Archiving Systems (DAS), a leading hosted content management and advanced forms processing technology provider throughout the African continent.

Ronald Melamed, owner of DAS commented: “Using TIS’s eFLOW, an average of 22,000 documents are processed per day. The main advantages of eFLOW in this project are its ability to substantially reduce the manual capture requirements over the full range of forms and other documents being processed and to be able to deal with the wide range in quality of the images.

"eFLOW therefore not only reduces editing costs, but also improves the accuracy of the metadata. In addition, the statistics produced by eFLOW are useful in generating meaningful production reports.”

Jonathan Scott, CEO of Raven Imaging said that, “eFLOW is the only document recognition system that has been capable of meeting the requirements of this very demanding project. Its high intelligence levels provide it with the flexibility to interpret most of the array of images we have encountered. Our experience of eFLOW, and the support we have received from TIS and DAS in its implementation makes it our document recognition system of choice.”'