i2 Software releases Document Conversion Server

i2 Software has unveiled a new Conversion Server to provide the automated conversion of a wide range of file formats into a unified filename and file format convention without requiring end user intervention.

“You simply create jobs based on specific business rules and let i2 Conversion Server do the rest," said i2 Director Quentin Gribble.

"i2 Conversion Server offers the option to create OCR’d Text Searchable PDF documents that enable fast and effective searching of your document archive based on file content.

“This helps offset per user software and support costs by offering one centralised point for file conversion that is easy to setup and administer”.

While boasting support for up to 90 different file formats, documents can be passed through image filters to enable features such as de-skew, de-speckle or smoothing and provides the option to delete plank pages.

Trials of i2 Conversion Server can be downloaded on request by visiting www.i2software.com.au.

For sales and reseller enquiries contact sales@i2scan.com.au