Murdoch reclaims space with i2 Scan

Western Australia's Murdoch University has implemented a records solution from Australia's i2 Scan to cover more than 18,000 students and 1,400 staff from all over the world.

"We were faced with the challenge of regaining office space for renovations and University expansion," said Professor David Macey, Director Student Liaison & Recruitment.

"We needed to find a solution to convert our tens of to thousands of paper records into electronic data. The scanning solution had to be flexible, allow for indexing according to our business rules an had to be easy to use".

"After conducting research into what was available in the market we found i2 Scan presented us with the best fit. The process in creating jobs in i2 scan made the potentially daunting task of scanning and indexing thousands of documents quick and easy.

"We created scanning cover sheets based on the data we wanted to capture. i2 Scan allowed us to bulk scan and automatically capture this meta data to name each file. The coversheet also acted as a document separator, so each time a cover sheet was scanned it acted as a trigger to create a new file. The meta data of the document was automatically OCR'd and visually validated on screen by an operator.

"We literally scanned millions of pages within weeks, the project ran quickly, easily and on time," said Ruth Brisbane, Division of Academic Affairs. "The hardest part of the entire project was removing the staples!".

Murdoch University has now reclaimed valuable office space for University renovations and have paper records in accessible named, text searchable PDFs. Over 14,000 physical documents (an estimated 3.5 million pages) are now available electronically freeing up valuable space.