Nuix 5.2 meets unstructured data challenges

Nuix has announced version 5.2 of the Nuix Engine and its core eDiscovery and Investigator products. This release includes smarter eDiscovery production and quality control workflows, deeper forensic analysis, support for more file formats and automated text summarisation. It also incorporates technology advances that pave the way for solutions in areas such as cybersecurity and privacy.

“The more we look, the more we realise how the Nuix Engine’s unique ability to index, search, analyse and extract knowledge from unstructured big data with speed, scale and precision can be applied to new and vital business problems,” said Eddie Sheehy, CEO of Nuix. 

“In this release, we are adding capabilities to index and search data simultaneously and to decide dynamically what metadata to extract based on the content of each item. We are currently beta testing products using these capabilities to solve all kinds of new challenges such as cybersecurity and privacy.” 

For eDiscovery specialists, Nuix 5.2 is much faster at creating production and item sets, and up to 50% faster at exporting to review platforms such as Relativity and iCONECT. The new quality control module makes it possible to review imaging and stamping, fix rendering errors and insert custom slip sheets prior to export.

Investigators will have the ability to dig deeper into Mac OS, Linux and Windows disk volumes and unallocated space; analyse Windows event logs and jump lists; and interpret regions in the binary structure of files.

New features such as text summarisation, topic modeling and a customisable timeline view provide useful ways for all Nuix users to rapidly understand and analyse content. In addition, an early minor release of version 5.2 will have the ability to run natively on Mac OS and Linux systems.

Organisations around the world turn to Nuix software when they need fast, accurate answers for digital investigation, cybersecurity, eDiscovery, information governance, email migration, privacy and more.

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