SpaceMonger 3 aims to control cloud storage costs

EdgeRunner has released SpaceMonger 3.0, bringing the power of Treemap analysis to the challenge of managing local, shared network and cloud storage. SpaceMonger creates a visual Treemap graphic, simplifying the task of freeing up space and avoiding increased storage costs with its user-friendly toolset for finding the files and folders hogging your storage space.

SpaceMonger 3.0 introduces new cloud storage management capabilities for Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive and Dropbox. Users can now generate a visual Treemap highlighting the relative space consumed by folders and files on their local and network drives as well as cloud services. Combined with SpaceMonger's custom search and filtering capabilities, users can quickly isolate the files that have the greatest potential for freeing up storage space for reuse and take immediate action.

"SpaceMonger is very useful in data centre operations where the staff is not familiar with all the storage devices they may need to work with," said EdgeRunner President Jamie McGuffie. 

"In these operations the storage capacities are typically very large, as are the directory structures. When something unexpected happens and systems are running out of storage, SpaceMonger's ultra-fast scanning and treemap graphic enables a rapid understanding of what is going on and response to the problem."

Treemaps are a graphic presentation of complex directory hierarchies showing folders and files as a series of nested rectangles. The relative amount of space consumed by a folder or file is reflected by the size of the rectangle. This enables users to immediately zero in on objects that are large enough to free up the space they are looking to recover.

"Image and video files quickly consume large amounts storage. Many devices automatically send their files to the cloud, surprising their owners when suddenly they are out of space, said EdgeRunner VP Marketing Chris Kowal. "SpaceMonger's use of Treemap analysis enables users to immediately understand how their storage is being used and remove the files that are not needed."

"Cloud storage is often viewed as unlimited, but it is not and it's not free. A lot of storage is used saving files users are no longer interested in and have forgotten about or didn't know had been saved," said, Jamie McGuffie. 

"SpaceMonger provides an easy-to-use graphical alternative to time-consuming and error-prone manual navigation of storage directory structures looking for the files that are big enough to make a difference."  

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