AccessData launches integrated forensics and e-discovery software Platform

AccessData Group, a provider of integrated digital forensics and e-Discovery software solutions, has announced the simultaneous launches of Summation 6.0 and FTK 6.0, powered by a forensically secure database and enhanced interoperability between both products.

“The importance of a single unified database is that a customer’s data doesn’t actually move from one place to another when it transitions out of the investigations and collections phase into the processing and review phase,” said Nadine Weiskopf, vice president of product management for AccessData.

“With fewer ‘data hops’ as the digital files move across the forensics and e-Discovery workflow, there is a reduced risk of errors in review and potential spoliation problems in the chain of custody.”

Weiskopf noted that the newly released versions of Summation and FTK feature improvements to the shared index file, consistent de-duplication of data from both products and a new shared audit log that displays documents viewed through both applications. In addition to the enhanced interoperability, the new versions of each individual product also include improvements based on customer feedback.

Summation 6.0

Summation is a Web-based solution that combines predictive coding, advanced analytics, comprehensive data processing, early case assessment, case management, final review and transcript management into a single platform.

Summation 6.0 delivers a new self-managed solution on a multi-tenant platform that allows application service providers (ASPs) to provide on-demand access to the software 24/7, with minimal resources or support needed. End users are now able to set up their own account independently, create a case, set up
users and manage their own workflow without the need to call the ASP for assistance. This greatly reduces an ASP’s costs and dedicated labour needs.

At the heart of Summation 6.0 is the new LawDrop tool, which has data upload capabilities similar to the popular Dropbox application. This feature gives customers the ability to upload case data into the Summation multi-tenant platform, and access it from anywhere on a 24/7 basis.

Other features of notes include the new Browser Briefcase, which allows users to load multiple documents all at once, and Active Directory Integration. In addition, Summation’s Case Organizer features several enhancements that streamline case preparation, as well as faster reporting and enhanced notes capabilities.

FTK 6.0

FTK (Forensic Toolkit) is a court-cited digital investigations platform built for fast processing, stability and ease of use, while handling massive data sets. It provides comprehensive processing and indexing up front, so filtering and searching is faster.This means users can “zero-in” on the relevant evidence quickly and conduct their analysis faster.

FTK 6.0 boasts the new FTK Web Viewer, powered by a shared back-end database with Summation. This tool allows users to conduct case assessment earlier because it allows lawyers and their staff members to have instant access to evidence in the field - on a real-time basis - as it’s being identified in FTK.

FTK 6.0 also introduces a new “easy button” feature for streamlined workflow and much faster data processing. The product now includes pre-defined, one-click command options that allow users to determine how they want to process evidence (e.g., e-Discovery processing, forensic processing, etc.) and immediately sends that batch of evidence into processing. Other new features in FTK 6.0 include multi-case searching within the FTK Web Viewer that allows users to work faster by searching across groups of cases at one time, new compatibility for viewing Cellebrite UFDR images within FTK, and the latest enhancements for compatibility with Windows 10.

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