Laserfiche 10 launches with Business Process Libray

A new release of the Laserfiche ECM platform, Version 10, enables organisations to quickly optimise a variety of business processes - including case management, contract management and accounts payable, among others.

“Laserfiche 10 is designed to supercharge your content-driven business processes, helping you redesign the flow of information throughout your entire enterprise,” said Laserfiche President Karl Chan. “Laserfiche 10—with its ready-made solution templates—provides the roadmap and tools to get you there.”

The Business Process Library includes nearly 100 solution templates, with new frameworks added on a regular basis. Templates range from key business functions, such as accounting, HR and IT, to industry-specific solutions, such as construction services, education, finance, government and healthcare. They are available free of charge to all Laserfiche customers with active software support plans.

In addition to the Business Process Library, Laserfiche 10 introduces:

  • Laserfiche Conversations, integrated social business process management with threaded discussions, Q&As and checklists designed to enhance teamwork and collaboration
  • Support for Windows Mobile Devices—in addition to iOS and Android—to give mobile workers more choices in how they access information, participate in business processes and collaborate with customers, vendors and business partners
  • Business Analytics, using operational and performance dashboards that make it easier to quickly monitor, report and analyse business processes, enabling organizations to quickly make informed decisions using these insights.
Business Solution: