New eBook outlines legal, compliance challenges

AccessData Group the provider of integrated digital forensics and e-Discovery software, has published a free guide to help corporate information technology executives with strategic technology planning that addresses the needs of legal, compliance, human resources and investigative teams across the organisation.

AccessData’s CIO & CISO Guide to Digital Discovery Technology Planning was written for corporate Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs), who must plan technology purchases to meet a wide swath of corporate purposes and users. The guide is available as a free eBook and can be downloaded by clicking here.

“This eBook walks CIOs, CISOs and their technical teams through corporate digital information trends, current challenges and future directions that impact their technology planning,” said Mike Stevens, chief technology officer of AccessData. “We wanted it to be a practical guide for busy leaders, so we also include checklists of recommended questions to consider when deciding what technology solutions to purchase.”

The guide was created at a time when CIOs and CISOs face even greater challenges as a result of increasing cyber and internal threats to data security, as well as intensified regulatory scrutiny. It provides information professionals with a primer on the issues at hand and recommendations for actions to help protect their organizations.

There are five key sections in the eBook:

  • Data Security – a look at how cyber threats and mobile device security issues impact compliance, investigative and e-Discovery processes.
  • Incident Response – a summary of key trends that demonstrate the increasing urgency for excellence in incident response inside corporations.
  • Regulatory Compliance – with regulators taking aim at corporate fraud and privacy protections like never before, the guide provides an overview of these and other key regulations.
  • Internal Investigations – a rundown of key insights to guide corporate internal investigations for technical audiences.
  • E-Discovery – a discussion of e-Discovery trends and a point of view on why connecting digital forensics and e-Discovery technology is crucial to eliminating waste and costly, inefficient processes.

“With litigation and investigative data becoming almost exclusively digital, corporations are looking for interoperability between e-Discovery and digital forensics technologies to simplify workflows, improve collaboration and reduce costs,” said Stevens. “We created this eBook as a free guide to help corporate IT executives navigate the strategic technology planning that must be done to achieve those goals.”