Magnet Forensics unveils Axiom platform

Magnet Forensics, a developer of digital forensic software, has launched Magnet AXIOM, a complete digital forensics platform that builds on the its previous IEF solution by adding acquisition capabilities, new in-depth analysis tools, and enhanced reporting.

IEF enabled recovery of data from smartphone and computer artifacts, while Magnet Forensics says AXIOM is about more than finding evidence. 

“AXIOM allows you to explore the evidence in greater depth while simplifying analysis by intuitively linking facts and data in a way that helps you to draw insightful conclusions.  With AXIOM your examinations will be better and more thorough – you will uncover facts quickly, validate your findings with ease and share the meaning of your results clearly.

“The most important thing we do at Magnet Forensics is to empower digital forensics examiners to uncover the truth. With more data, more devices, and more cases on their shoulders, we know that examiners need solutions that simplify process, connect data, and find ways to move quickly through the case,” said Jad Saliba, Magnet Forensics Founder and CTO.

“Magnet AXIOM is a single tool that brings smartphone and computer data together and allows examiners to work every stage of the case with all the data at their fingertips.”

(For the “behind-the-scenes” story on how Magnet AXIOM came to be, read Jad’s blog post.)

  • Find More Evidence: AXIOM’s Evidence Analyzer builds on IEF’s ability to parse and carve for hundreds of artifact types and data, even in unallocated spaces.
  • Dive Deeper Into The Data: With AXIOM, you can access file systems, registry hives, and drill down into artifact data. Source Linking traces artifact evidence back to source data in seconds.
  • Work Smarter: AXIOM’s Process automates all the acquisition and processing tasks required to prepare evidence for analysis, freeing your time for deeper analysis.
  • A Simpler Way: Digital forensics is complex. AXIOM boasts a new easy-to-use interface that moves you through your investigations, helping you find evidence more intuitively.
  • Work the Whole Case: With AXIOM you can consolidate the evidence from all the computers, smartphones and tablets related to an investigation into a single case.

For more information on Magnet AXIOM’s features and capabilities visit the product page. Pricing is based on a license and support fee model. More information is available at

The Australian distributor is Fulcrum Management Australia: +61 (0)2 8012 9810 Singapore: +65 9297 1289

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