BlackBar assists Excel discovery and review

Xact Data Discovery (XDD), a provider of eDiscovery, data management and managed review services for law firms and corporations, has launched BlackBar, a new Excel native redaction tool designed to improve the workflow of discovery review involving Microsoft Excel files. BlackBar allows legal review teams to redact and produce Excel files in their native format, minimizing time, cost and errors.

BlackBar offers an adaptable design, fitting seamlessly into different workflows and is completely integrated with the popular eDiscovery software Relativity to improve the entire review process.

XDD gained the foundation of BlackBar with its acquisition earlier this year of Orange Legal Technologies, which was already using the software for select applications. Further development now enables users to:

  • Natively redact XLS files within the tool
  • Optimize traditional workflow productions
  • Produce newly redacted XLS files in their native file format
  • Eliminate the need to produce XLS files as TIFF images

"With XDD's acquisition of Orange Legal Technologies, we quickly identified this tool as a game-changer," says Xact Data Discovery Vice President of eDiscovery Nick Reizen. He adds, "We are unaware of any comparable product available to attorney review teams today that can defensibly redact native Excel files, particularly any that are fully integrated with a premier platform such as Relativity. We are excited to bring BlackBar to market on a larger scale."

Robust administrative and redaction features that can define custom colours and patterns for redaction within a cell are available, and BlackBar follows a fully defensible process, with all actions tracked to ensure users are able to demonstrate defensibility if it becomes necessary.


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